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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 23, 2010 1:35am-2:10am PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." with fewer police officers on the street, neighbors take things into their own hands. how a community is fighting back against the surge in prostitution. >> no way. >> with the one that's beyond word. >> a neighborhood known for bucking convention, an ad for cigarettes, why even smokeers say it's not a good idea. >> thousands of rats rescued by a popular reality show. how they found their way here. >> it's pretty much legal heroin. >> and drug deals going down in the middle of the day.
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people from the suburbs buying hillbilly heroin, why the prosecutor isn't prosecuting more dealers. >> but, first, roberta has a quick word or two on the forecast. cold and rain. how about those two roberta. >> yes dana, we have a strong early season cold front heading towards the bay area. these are renegade showers, advancement of the initial front and we right now have some rain showers around hercules, in the richmond area, hit and miss scattered showers, but heavier rain is heading this way. gusty winds and record cold temperatures will, we'll nail it down and tell you how all this will affect your morning commute. dana, that's coming up shortly. >> thank you roberta. >> prostitutes have moved into a bay area in the bay area that isn't used to seeing them. they called the police but police didn't do anything about it so neighbors are taking things into their own hands. >> reporter: in and out of the
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shadows they walk the streets in high heels. >> i have been here 3 1/2 years and in the last eight months it's just seems to have exploded. >> the circumstance have gotten so irk some for a lot of people on 8th street. >> a lot of prostitutes, in an out constantly. >> they have been gun to document it with one of their cell phones. blowing them up to poster size. >> we had a yard sale and they were shocked at the people on the corner at noon time. >> reporter: all times day and night a group of about a dozen women walk around, men stop to talk and girls get in the cars. >> people come from modesto to here, the word is out that they can come here to prostitute on the streets and the worst that will happen to them is they will be told to move along. >> reporter: the neighbors took these photos to last week's city council meeting demanding action. the problem they were told is
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this city is bankrupt and the police department is already stretched thin, respond to go more urgent and violent crimes. >> i'm not doing nothing but walking. >> this woman told me she is not doing anything illegal. go worry about the real dillers anadrol dealers, don't try to accuse people of doing something they are not doin'. >> reporter: but they showed me pictures of her on two other occasions walking the street talking to drivers. >> this is her two days ago. >> reporter: they have formed a neighborhood watch. they hope they'll deal with the quality of life crimes. joe vasquez, cbs5. camel has a new marketing campaign using a bay area neighborhood to convince people that smoking is hip. smoking is fun. but linda yee found out tonight even smokers in the neighborhood found that is not cool. >> it's a neighborhood known
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for its rebellious counter culture past and now the haight will be eye more take lived on the pack of cigarettes.y too is the caretaker of the haight and her thoughts. >> it goes against the grain. it really does. >> reporter: r.j. reynolds will offer limited edition cigarette packs featuring a number of cities. san francisco shows the haight- ashbury sign, a peace symbol and the camel. >> no way. >> it's got the haight-ashbury symbol. >> with the peace sign, that's beyond words. >> reporter: nita bode a pen says she liked camel packaging. but not this one. >> beyond weird. i don't like people trying to sell out my city. >> reporter: they sent r.j. reynolds a letter demanding they cancel it. in 2001 they ran it out of town
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after accusing the company of appealing to children. >> reporter: we think the responsible thing for r.j. reynolds to do is to stop the campaign and stop playing on iconic imagery of the hate's history to market to the young people in the county of san francisco. >> reporter: people in the haight don't like itty they are. kind of wrong. kind of weird and creepy. >> reporter: well they plan to roll out these cigarettes sometime next month but, if they do, the city attorney says they'll take them to court to try to stop 'em so there is no peace and love here from the haight when it comes to splashing their image, dane, on a pack of cigarettes. >> linda yee in the haight, thank you. after all the complaints about pat-downs they are rolling out this new public service announcement. >> you have the option to request that the pat-down be conducted in a private room. you have the option to have
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that pat-down witnessed by a person of your choice. >> that video will be played at airports all across the country. separately, he is urging them not to boycott body searches. he is asking them to opt out of body scans on the day before thanksgiving. that would force extra pat- downs and slow everyone down. nearly 10 years after shondra levy was killed a jury found a man guilty of her murder. ingmar grandike attacked her while she exercised in a park in 2001. her body was found less than a year later. they had little evidence but the attacks were similar to attacks by grandike on two other women in the park. her mother says it does not
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bring closure. >> the result of the verdict may be guilty but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost lamb missing from our family tree. it's painful, i live with it every day. >> and speculation initially focused on congressman gary condit who was romantically linked with eve e for a time. police no longer believe he was involved in her disappearance. headlines from around the bay area now. a cheerleader from santa theresa high school in san jose was killed in a car wreck. 16-year-old jordan west died yesterday morning when the suv she was riding in crashed into another car on 101 and hit a tree during heavy rain. at that high school tonight, a memorial is growing. a girl driving the suv also a student at santa theresa was arrested for drunk driving. three boys in the car were students from another high school. none of the other passengers was seriously hurt. in san anselmo 41 cars were
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broken into this weekend on a half dozen streets. there wasn't a single broken window because the cars were not locked. only 10 cars had anything stolen from them. and infamous child abuser from marin county is a free man. win fred white was released from prison today. in thuy he pleaded guilty to abusing his kids, including his 19-month-old son, who died. win fred had 12 children with three women. prosecutors say he was the leader of a cult-like group that kept children malnourished and binded and whipped them as well. he is being paroled to ventura county. well one bay area tent store, workers are busy separating the boys from the girls, boy rats from girl rats because, as kiet do shows us, there are already lots of 'em. >> reporter: in downtown san jose a massive pr campaign is underway trying to draw the fine line between pets and
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pests. >> we don't have a final count yet but we're estimating somewhere between 1500 and 2000. >> rats? >> rats. >> reporter: is that a lot? >> yes, that's a lot. >> reporter: volunteers are busy feeding, building cages and proceeding medical care here at randy's pet shop. they came from the home of a hoarder. they snapped this photo showing how the animals took over a house. rescue groups got involved when the a and e network decided to feature the case in a reality show. >> they would scatter food on the floor, it was like a carpet of rats, it sounded like it was raining in the house but it was really just the chewing of the food by the rats, there was so many that they just did that. >> reporter: they ended up here because he had room. most of the female rats were pregnant and, since yesterday, 30 babies have been born. >> are they misunderstood?
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>> absolutely. yes. because many people relate to them as the rags you see outside or under your house or what have you, but these again are a completely different species. >> united animal nations says the rats are domesticated and make great pets, whichever ones aren't adopted here will be shipped across the country. >> reporter: you're saying there is a difference between like a sewer rat and that rat? >> absolutely. absolutely. you see, again, it's a genetic instinct for them to want to be social. they see humans as other rats and they want to be your friends. >> reporter: the rats will be under quarantine and will be available for adoption beginning december 5th. as the rescueers say there are two kinds of people in this world, those who love rats and those who have not yet met one. kiet do, cbs5. forget inflation, there is another cost increase coming your way. if you don't already take your own bags to the grocery store you may finally start after hearing about the plan in the
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works. >> and a man stuck on a deserted island in the delta, but not wanting to call for help. how he was trying to do us all a big favor. >> it's the bay area's drug of choice. with people taking big risks to get this powerful precipitation on the street. who are the buyers, the who are the buyers, the sellers, and why ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well san francisco was the first city in the country to ban plastic shopping bags. now it could become one of the first to charge for paper and reusable bags. los angeles county recently passed a 10-cent surcharge for paper bags. san jose is considering a similar measure. now san francisco board of supervisors has proposed a charge for each recyclable or reusable bag. the idea is to change the behavior of customers. if supervisors approve the plan it would take place in july, the charge would be 10 cents a bag. we don't hear this very often, a man was stranded on a deserted island for five days, an island in suisun bay. his raft began leaking east of the better niche a martinez bridge on wednesday. he managed to reach row island but he didn't use his cell phone to call for help. he said he was embarrassed and he didn't want taxpayers to have to pay for the coast guard
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to come and "rescue some stupid guy" so he spent the next five days trying to fix his raft living off native plants until he had to give up and call for help. police are teaming up to go after people buying drugs. one drug in particular. it's called hillbilly heroin, but even though they make arrests, very few are prosecuted. we go undercover. allen martin shows us what suburban nights do to get their fix. >> we're just looking for information, intelligence. >> we'll call him joe, an undercover officer on assignment with tony, a dea special agent. >> there is a lot of work to be done out here. >> reporter: they are part of a new task force setup to attack the growing problem of illegal prescription drug sales. >> it's pretty much heroin. >> reporter: they are talking about oxycontin which is fast becoming the high of choice
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mostly among young adults. >> they are smoking them, injecting them. >> reporter: 8 milligrams goes for 40 bucs on the streets, 40 bucs. that's more expensive than heroin. but that high price isn't stopping people from all over the bay area from driving into the city to buy it. it's destination shopping right here at the corner of leavenworth and golden gate. widely known as pill hill. >> oh were, we didn't make that name up. >> a lot of people know that this is where they can come to get pills. >> reporter: sure enough. just minutes after we pull in a buyer crosses the street in front of us. >> he is looking for some sort of narcotic. >> reporter: he approaches a man in a wheelchair. minutes later -- >> here he is. he did a deal. >> the chemo is driving registered to a business on the waterfront. minutes later another transaction. >> this is interesting. >> this buyer is really bolder negotiating right out of his car. >> he is handing him the pills right now. >> reporter: apparently unphased by the people walking
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by it looks like he is crushing a pill on his. he is snorting it. he just snorted it. >> reporter: but what happened next surprised even our detectives. >> see, how now he isn't going to pay him at all. he isn't paying him for the oc. he just ripped him off. >> buyer drives off, the license plate registered to a address in san anselmo. it's a tough job. >> you can't arrest them fast enough and keep them behind bars long enough to make a real drastic effect. >> reporter: although sfpd made more than 300 arrests nhs the last 6 months the da's office has a revolving door. >> they go in the system and come right back out. >> i understand the frustration. >> reporter: sharon woo heads up the criminal division. >> i'd like to tell them that we're not, we're prosecuting
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cases. >> reporter: but she says many of the suspects are elderly and disabled, possibly selling their pills to make ends meet. >> we don't think that maybe incarceration is the solution for these people. we're trying to give them services. >> reporter: but from a cop's perspective. >> i understand you give people chances and they make mistakes but do you give them chances 20, 30 times. >> reporter: what about the bigger fish. >> shadow dealers trafficking thousands of pills at a time. woo says those cases are high priority. >> we'll prosecute them to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: but so far she says those major players have beanie louisive. >> i don't know where the supply is coming from. all we can do is continue to investigate. >> reporter: that's one thing everyone agrees on. >> at our goal to stop the flow of drugs so it's not easy for these people to get these drugs. >> reporter: in san francisco, allen martin, cbs5. temperatures are going to drop and it's going to rain. >> first we have to get through
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the rain dana. our he detective doppler picking up scattered rain showers. these are advancement of an early season cold front heading this way. a moderate cell exiting danville around i-680 heading north and south. we take it the north bay. spotty hit and miss showers, green bray, mill valley, all this sagging to the south. one more stop around the peninsula, redwood city has seen some showers, you see the light rain all around loss galt ocean. this is in v of the cold front that should be barrelling through the north bay by about 4:00 a.m. that's when we have a winter weather advisory that goes into effect until noon tomorrow. then, once that passes, we have a freeze watch because of the mass of colder air heading this way. tomorrow morning brace yourself for rain but by the time you head back home you'll be dealing with layers of clothing because of the cold temperatures. this is the system, a lot of cold air is associated with it.
1:59 am
it will continue to pool down in a southerly direction. this is our pinpoint forecast and it has been so spot on with the last storm. got to be it when it shows a break in the activity across the north bay by the morning commute. everybody else is feeling, so this is a fast-moving system. it's out of here by lunch hour and then that's going to carve the path for the cold air to funnel into the bay area. record cold anticipated by this time tomorrow night. the record in santa rosa is 24 setback in 1931, we're going to get very close to that. but we should shatter the record of 41 degrees setback in 1906 in san francisco. highs tomorrow only in the 50s, low 50s, and you'll see that we'll have another cold night again wednesday night, lots of sunshine on thanksgiving, a chance of rain returning by friday through the weekend. that's our storm watch pinpoint forecast. hang out, stay with ,,
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tradition. but does science back it up? , thanksgiving coming up in a few days, happens in my house every year, but is there any science backing this up? does eating turkey really make you sleepy? that's tonight's good question. >> all right. turkeys are ready. >> reporter: as a chef at the
2:02 am
california culinary academy amy todder has brown a few birds in her time and she has heard of plenty of people that believes the turkey meat puts them to sleep. >> absolutely. people say that all the time. it's the turkey that makes you sleepy from thanksgiving. >> reporter: because, as we have all heard, turkey meat contains an amino acid called trip toe fan. it is digested it produces another chemical called seratonin which acts like a natural sedative on your brain. so case closed? not quite. now according to researchers when your stomach is full the tri p.t.o. pan doesn't make you shy right away, that's because it's doing too many other things. >> competing with the gravy, the green been casserole with all that yummy cream sauce on it. >> reporter: and in fact other meats like chicken and beef
2:03 am
have higher concentrations of tri p.t.o. pan, so what is making you sleepy. >> maybe the 3 to 4,000 calories. >> if you eat so much you get sleepy. >> send us your good question at nfl comes down on th >> nothing to do with the wine you're drinking all day. >> no. >> 49ers coach says the buck stops with him i'm dennis ,,,,,,
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home, they went to the playoffs believe" seas the last time the warriors started the season 6-1 at home they went to the playoffs. during the we believe season, they had a chance to match that. george karl battling cancer last year back on the denver bench. he made it count over chris
2:06 am
andersen with the emphatic dunk. game teed at 61, former warrior al harrington, has one of his five threes. carmelo too much down the street. opened the lead to 13. mel oh had 13, season high for him. 17 points, now 7-7. >> roethlisberger saying something to see hour that me didn't like. >> richard seymour is 25,000 lighter in the pocket tonight after shoving ben to the ground. seymour was ejected for the hit yesterday but he did avoid suspension. kim coyle caught up with him yesterday. >> reporter: can you tell us what he said to you? >> umm, well i don't really go into what goes on in the trenches you know. i just think there is a lot of things that go on, you know. probably have to put the kids to bed. >> did you say anything to him. >> reporter: just let's get ready for the extra point. >> liar. >> reporter: they were shutout
2:07 am
at home. frank gore mustered only 23 yards against the league's second worse run defense. vernon davis, and tampa sacked the quarterback six times doubling their season total. coach singletary took 100% of the blame today. >> you can say am i doing a good job. obviously at 3-7, no. i would say that, i wouldn't even dare to say that i'm doin' a good job. but it's not over yet. >> not over yet? could be worse. the bengals are 2-8. >> 3-13. >> and terell owens summed it up with one word. >> bad. it's crazy. the fact that we're just terrible. i mean that's just plain and simple. when i say "we" that's me included. and let me emphasize and look you in the eyes, we were terrible.
2:08 am
terrible. >> we are terrible. lala bats all around in cincinnati. the canadian wins the mvp award. aubrey huff of the giants finished seventh they fired their coach brad childress, hopefully the uniform guy goes with him. rivers tied his touchdown total with 4 touchdowns, they are tied with the raiders at 5- 5. number 1 back the warriors. it's better to be lucky than good. chris andersen is both. the blind shot false, what's better, the shot or the birdman mohawk. watch right here. got to see it. the tattoos are a bad idea because it could be a mistake. i still have jenny link was my high school girlfriend tattooed on my shoulder. >> really. >> you're stuck with it. ask chris andersen. it's there to stay, nothing you can do. >> but he looks like a bird. >> what? >> he looks like a cockatoo.
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>> so the tattoos don't go with the hair. a bad look. but in the nba, he is making a lot of money. >> wait wait wait. brian wilson has a month hawk and tattoos? he is okay? >> brian wilson has a world series ring on his finger, brother. it's cool with,,,,,,


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